Table 1

Summary of included studies

Study, countryStudy typeCharacteristicsMental health questionnairePrevalence
Gulliver et al, Australia21 Cross-sectionalMale (n=44)
Female (n=21)
Kessler 10 scale (K-10), Center for
Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D), Generalised Anxiety Disorder 7
scale (GAD-7), Social Phobia Inventory
(SPIN), Panic Disorder Severity Scale
(PDSS-SR), SCOFF questionnaire
(SCOFF), prior counselling measure of the General Help-Seeking Questionnaire
Results not specific to cricketers. The study explored symptoms of depressive symptoms (27.2%), eating disordered symptoms (22.8%), general psychological distress (16.5%), social anxiety symptoms (14.7%), anxiety symptoms (7.1%) and panic disorder symptoms (4.5%). Overall results, 46.4% of athletes experienced at least one of the mental health symptoms explored.
Hundertmark, Australia22 Narrative reviewAll cases maleNone provided.Mental health symptoms and disorders included alcohol use, illicit drug use, mood disorders, suicide, bipolar disorder. Cases presented on individual male cricketers.
Jones et al, England23 Cross-sectionalAge: mean 57.2 years (SD=14.2)
Male (n=165)
Assessed through self-report questionnaire. Questionnaire designed specifically for the study. Questionnaire based on questions from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing.Prevalence of anxiety symptoms was 10.3% and depressive symptoms was
Schuring et al, South Africa24 Observational prospective cohort study with follow-upCurrent:
Age: mean 27 years (SD=5)
Male (n=68)
Female (n=10)
Mean 36 years (SD=6)
Male (n=38)
Questionnaires included:
Distress Screener; the
General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12)
PROMIS and the
Prevalence rates-current cricketers included distress (38.4%), sleep disturbance (38.4%), anxiety/depression (37%) and adverse alcohol use (26%).
Prevalence rates-retired cricketers included distress (26.3%), anxiety/depression (24.3%), adverse alcohol use (22.2%) and sleep disturbance (21.1%).
Shah et al, Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa25 Review of biographical reviewAge: median age at death 50 years (range 28–67).
Male (n=2794).
Data on suicide extracted from two books (Firth 1991, Firth 2001) and the obituary of the Wisden Cricketers Almanack (1988–2015).A total of 20 suicides were recorded for the total sample of test cricketers between 1877 and 2014.