Table 1

Participant characteristics

ImpairmentTotal athletes, (N)Total injuries, (N)Females:males, (N:N)CLD:TLD, (N)
Total unilateral BKA5202:31:4
Total unilateral AKA6323:30:6
Total bilateral BKA270:21:1
Total bilateral AKA4111:31:3
Total unilateral TKA110:10:1
AKA and TKA130:10:1
BKA and TKA110:11:0
AKA and UL loss (triple)221:12:0
Above elbow amputee141:01:0
Below elbow amputee6134:25:1
Bilateral UL involvement271:12:0
Unilateral hand involvement161:01:0
  • AKA, above knee amputee; BKA, below knee amputee; CLD, congenital limb deficiency; TKA, through knee amputee; TLD, traumatic limb deficiency; UL, upper limb.