Table 3

Statistical comparison of participation in sport and physical recreation for adults with and without a disability

Adults with disabilityAdults without disabilityModel 1 (no adjustments)Model 2* (adjusted model)
OR95% CI lower limit95% CI upper limitOR95% CI lower limit95% CI upper limit
Participating in sport or physical recreation at least once in the past 12 months78%91%0.360.340.390.390.360.42
Meeting physical activity guidelines through sport and/or physical recreation†46%62%0.530.510.570.520.490.55
Participate in paid sport or physical recreation in the past 12 months41%58%0.510.470.540.610.570.65
  • *Model adjusted for age, sex, socioeconomic status, remoteness, indigenous and English language not spoken at home. See online supplemental table 2 for full regression model.

  • †≥150 min of sport or physical recreation participation per week.