Table 1

ProPASS collaborator survey: questions and responses (%)

1. what term best describes the data we aim to collect and analyse in ProPASS?
Physical activityPhysical behaviourMovement behaviourOther (please describe)
2. Do you agree with the ProPASS Accelerometry Construct? The ProPASS construct is an ideal set of accelerometer-based movement/posture variables that ProPASS will aim to extract and harmonise. (Please note that these dimensions are not mutually exclusive)
I agree with the construct as it isI have minor suggestions to improve the construct (describe below)I have major suggestions (describe below)
3. What do you think is the main advantage of harmonising and pooling thigh-worn accelerometry data for epidemiological research?
Superior statistical powerBetter ecological validity/generalisabilityOpportunities for network buildingOther (please describe)
4. What is the best approach for harmonising thigh-worn accelerometry data?
Central processing—Collaborators send ProPASS the raw data to reprocess from scratchProPASS develops software tools, processes, and protocols to allow collaborators to reprocess their own accelerometry data from scratchMake use of the variables collaborators have already extracted (this will limit the number of harmonised variables available)Other (please describe)
5. What is the best approach for managing access to ProPASS pooled accelerometry data (provided that regulatory and legal conditions are met)?
All/most data to be pooled/deposited centrally—Data are sent to data analysts when appropriate.All/most data to be pooled/deposited centrally—analysts access data remotely through appropriate IT infrastructureFederated data analyses (the data stay in each cohorts’ servers)—data are accessed remotely by analystsOther (please describe)
6. What should be the data sharing model for a thigh-based accelerometry pooled data resource?
Fee to access for all usersFree to all bona fide researchers worldwideFree to ProPASS collaborators, fee to access for all bona fide researchersClosed, available to ProPASS collaborators only for a nominal feeClosed, available to ProPASS collaborators only for freeOther (please describe)
  • IT, Information Technology; ProPASS, Prospective Physical Activity Sitting and Sleep consortium.