Table 1

Search strategy (Web of Science)

GroupsDescriptorsBoolean operatorField searched
SB and PAinactiv* OR “computer use*” OR sedentar* OR sitting OR reclin* OR stationary OR chair* OR seated OR standing OR lying OR recumben* OR screen* OR “energy expenditure” OR exercise* OR step* OR acceleromet* OR pedomet* OR fitness OR workout OR sport* OR mov* OR walk* OR aerobic* OR yoga OR pilates OR zumba OR treadmill OR cycl* OR stair* OR gymANDTs=title-abstract-keyword search
Study design“systematic review*” OR “meta-analys*”ANDTs=title-abstract-keyword search
Occupational domainoccupation* OR work* OR labo?r OR office* OR job* OR vocation* OR desk* OR “white collar*” OR “white-collar” * OR “call-cent*” OR employe*ANDTs=title-abstract-keyword search
ScreeningscreeningNOTTs=title-abstract-keyword search
  • PA, physical activity; SB, sedentary behaviour.