Table 4

Anthropometric and dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry information pre-injury, post-surgery, pre-return to sport (RTS), return to training full integration (RTT-FI) and prior to World Cup preparation (pre-WCP)

DateTime phaseHeight (cm)Weight
WB T scoreWB Z scoreFat mass
Lean mass
Body fat
Lean mass left leg (kg)Lean mass right leg
Lean mass left arm
Lean mass right arm (kg)
31 January 2018Pre-injury16155.41.81.810.739.820.66.56.322.1
06 June 2018Post-surgery16154.21.61.612.
23 January 2019Pre-RTS16156.22211.739.821.
27 March 2019RTT-FI161552.32.210.639.720.
11 May 2019Pre-WCP16154.621.910.14019.
  • Left leg, involved limb; right leg, uninvolved limb; WB, weight-bearing.