Table 1

Serum vitamin D levels in 2018 and 2020

20182020P value
Number of players2324
Body weight (kg)73.2±6.473.7±7.7n.s.
Height (cm)175.0±6.2177.0±6.7n.s.
Body mass index23.9±1.723.4±1.1n.s.
Muscle mass (kg)35.3±3.335.1±3.6n.s.
Age (years)22.7±2.023.2±2.0n.s.
25-OHD (ng/mL) at winter29.7±4.823.8±5.1<0.001
25-OHD (ng/mL) at spring36.0±5.421.8±3.6<0.001
Difference between winter and spring+6.3±2.9−2.0±4.4<0.001
Players belonging to the team in both 2018 and 2020 (n=7)
25-OHD (ng/mL) at winter26.8±3.824.9±5.5n.s.
(ng/mL) at spring
Difference between winter and spring+8.0±3.6−3.7±3.7<0.001