Table 6

For all players exercises and treatments

Area of focusTraining volume (one match weeks)Exercises
A. High-speed sprintingSprint drills: four times per week
High-speed sprinting: twiceper week
Sprints drills and linear and curved sprinting with/without wickets. See tables 5 and 7 for programming.
B. Post-sport ROMOnce every training day and post matchHamstrings: 30 s partner assisted very light isometric holds in the straight leg raise position
Latissimus dorsi: 10 deep breaths in an overhead hanging position (TRX/rubber bands)
C. Triceps surae healthTwice per weekAll done in rear elevated split position with barbell or without weight
Set 1: High plantar flexion 1×10–30 s
Set 2: 90° dorsiflexion 1×10–30 s
Set 3:110° dorsiflexion 1×10–30 s
D. Manual therapyOnce per week1. Erector spinae
2. Adductor magnus
3. Latissimus dorsi
4. Hamstrings