Table 3

Range of motion (ROM)

Exercise categoryWeekly session volume
(two to four sessions)
ExercisesSets and reps
Foam rollingRolling exercises are not mandatory and are advised to be completed if manual therapy is not received for the week.1. Lower lumbar rolling
2. Latissimus rolling
3. Hamstring rolling
4. Adductor rolling
1×20 s in 3 regions
10 rolls per side
1×60 s
1×60 s per side
ANegative test results:
twice per week (A+A)
Positive test results:
four times per week (A+A+A+A)
1. Knee to chest
2. Hip flexor and hamstring slide
3. Hamstring hip flexor stretch in supine position
4. Dynamic hamstring leg raise
5. Hamstring neural flossing
2×8 per side
2×8 per side
2×8 per side
  • Programming design for ROM. The ROM exercises mostly focus on the hip flexor–hamstring ROM interaction and neural flossing of the sciatic nerve. However, the lumbar area has also been taken into consideration. Players complete all sets for a specific exercise with a 20 s break between sets, then transition to the next.