Table 2

Lumbo-pelvic control

Structure of exercises within both A and B sessionsExercise categoryWeekly session volume
(2–4 sessions)
ExercisesSets and reps
Embedded Image ANegative test results:
once per week (A)
Positive test results:
twice per week (A+A)
  1. Stir the pot

  2. Plank to bridge

  3. Hip hinge

  4. Anti-side flexion split squat jumps

  5. Overhead A-skips

2×6 rotations per side
2×3 s holds per position
2×6–8 skips per side
BNegative test results:
once per week (B)
Positive test results:
twice per week (B+ B)
  1. Dead bug scissor kicks

  2. Side plank roll to dead bug

  3. Rotations with bar

  4. Hip hinge into wall kick

  5. Lateral overhead step-ups

2×8 kicks per side
2×3 s per position
2×5 m (forward and backward)
2×4 per side
2×4–6 per side
  • Programming design for lumbo-pelvic control. There are two categories of exercises (A and B) that follow the same simple-to-complex exercise structure either two or four times per week depending on the players test results. All exercises aim to have the player place the pelvis in a posterior pelvic tilt no matter from which direction the stability challenge is coming from. All exercises have been done in a circuit training format, with a 30 s break between exercises, repeated twice. As player boredom is likely an issue during the season, an updated exercise package is provided at the end of preseason.