Table 4

Posterior chain strength

HipArea of focusExercises to choose fromDay 1 (A):
sets and reps
Day 2 (A):
sets and reps (if test result is positive)
Embedded Image Hip thrust/glute bridge (bil/uni), quadruped hip extension, back extension (bil/uni)2–3×4–8 (6–10 RM)2–3×4–8 (6–10 RM)
Embedded Image Trapbar/sumo/traditional deadlift, 45° hyper, high sled push, high step-up2–3×4–8 (6–10 RM)2–3×4–8 (6–10 RM)
Embedded Image Squat/split squat variations, Romanian deadlift, low step-up, low sled push1–2×4–8 (6–10 RM)1–2×4–8 (6–10 RM)
If hip
Embedded Image One extra set of a unilateral exercise in the extended category*1×4–6 (6–10 RM)
Set volume5–7 (+1 for asymmetry)5–7
Hamstrings Day 1 (B) Day 2 (B)
1—HamstringHip over knee movement Embedded Image Drop lunge into Romanian deadlift, perturbation stretches, straight leg dynamic cable pulls1–2×4–6
per side (8–12 RM)
1–2×4–6 per side (8–12 RM)
2—HamstringKnee over hip movement Embedded Image Nordic hamstring exercise, unilateral sliders, standing band curl1–2×4–6
per side (6–8 RM)
1–2×4–6 per side (high eccentric effort)
3—HamstringStiffness at knee and hip Embedded Image Tantrums/bench heel kick/heel drops in lunge position1–2×4–5
per side
(tantrums in s)
If hamstring asymmetry Embedded Image One extra set of unilateral sliders†1×4–6 (6–10 RM)
Set volume3–62–4 (+1 for asymmetry)
  • *Asymmetry training is in the extended range of motion category as it is tested in this range.

  • †Unilateral sliders are chosen to correct hamstring asymmetry as it’s a high load unilateral hamstring exercise reaching peak force in a similar angle as the test. Asymmetry for the hip extensors and hamstrings are advised to train on separate days to avoid excess volume sessions.

  • Coaches choose one exercise (based on preference) from each category once to twice per week depending on test results. If asymmetry is found, complete the described extra exercise once per week. Rest between sets: 2 min. Set volume is manipulated based on athlete exposure/fatigue. RM for the given day is an approximation based on how the athlete is feeling. Athletes are advised to leave two to three repetitions in reserve in all exercises and avoid any technical sign of fatigue in stiffness exercises.

  • RM, repetition maximum.