Table 6

Mean values of pain scales and treatment effect for pain of isometric exercise versus control (isotonic exercise): studies assessing outcomes immediately after exercise (45 min postintervention)

Treatment modesTendon affectedFirst author (year)Pain scaleScale rangeIsometric group pain scoreControl group pain scoreMean treatment effect for pain (95% CI)
P value <0.05
Baseline (1)Postintervention (2)Baseline (3)Postintervention (4)
ChronicIsometric versus isotonic exercisePatellarRio (2015)20NRS (during SLDS)0–1070.26.33.8−4.3 (−1.2 to −7.4)Yes
Rio (2017)35NRS (during SLDS)0–1053.254.1−0.9 (−1.1 to −0.7)Yes
Holden (2020)22NRS (during SLDS)0–1054.24.33.2+0.3 (1.3 to −0.7)No
  • NRS, Numeric Rating Scale; SLDS, single leg decline squat.