Table 4

Findings of studies that assessed outcomes immediately after exercise (45 min postintervention)

Treatment modesTendon affectedFirst author (year)PainFunctional disabilityROMStrengthQoLStructural integrityCortical inhibition
Isometric exercise versus isotonic exerciseRio (2015)20↓ (ΝRS)
PatellarRio (2017)35↓ (ΝRS)
Holden (2020)22↔ (NRS)
Overall isometric versus isotonic exercise (evidence level)↔ (3)↑ (3)↔ (3)↑ (3)
  • ↓: lower at statistical significance*; ↑: higher at statistical significance*; ↔: no statistically significant difference.

  • *With the first versus the second intervention.

  • NRS, Numeric Rating Scale; QoL, quality of life; ROM, range of movement.