Table 3

Partial correlation between quadriceps setting and knee extension strength with individual test of the health-related physical fitness assessment

Quadriceps setting strengthKnee extension strength
r95% CIpr95% CIp
Grip strength00.2380.607<0.0010.4850.290.641<0.001
Number of sit-ups00.1070.4650.02500.1290.5310.003
Sit and reach distance00.0590.4780.0170.082−0.1480.3030.498
One leg standing time0.168−0.0610.3810.160.095−0.1350.3150.431
10 m obstacle walking time0−0.568−0.180.001−0.22−0.4260.0070.066
6 min walking distance00.1370.5370.0030.2360.010.4390.053
  • ‘r’ refers topartial correlation coefficient (adjusted for age, sex, and BMI).

  • BMI, body mass index.