Table 2

Factors associated with physical activity in social distancing adults during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in 2020 in the UK

CharacteristicsCategorySufficient physical activity per day (dichotomous variable; logistic regression)Level of physical activity per day (continuous variable; linear regression)
OR95% CIP valueβ95% CIP value
Female1.601.10 to 2.330.01516.450.50 to 32.000.041
Age (years)18–34Reference
35–641.440.94 to 2.200.09128.099.54 to 47.030.003
≥654.112.01 to 8.92<0.00171.7046.23 to 98.13<0.001
Marital statusSingle/separated
in a domestic partnership
1.380.92 to 2.060.1194.48−12.28 to 21.370.601
Yes0.850.55 to 1.330.48521.67−40.27 to 3.370.021
Annual household income<£15 000Reference
£15 000–<£25 0002.031.11 to 3.760.02335.889.04 to 62.660.009
£25 000–<£40 0003.161.68 to 6.04<0.00123.26−3.20 to 50.010.087
£40 000–<£60 0002.271.19 to 4.340.01327.40−0.74 to 55.290.055
≥£60 0002.111.09 to 4.090.02631.242.71 to 59.590.031
Northern Ireland1.220.77 to 1.970.41110.95−8.04 to 30.070.260
Scotland3.420.84 to 23.350.128−1.37−52.46 to 50.020.958
Wales1.640.33 to 12.320.57635.10−31.49 to 102.060.302
Current smokingNoReference
Yes1.160.68 to 2.020.5997.92−15.29 to 31.470.506
Current alcohol consumptionNoReference
Yes1.230.85 to 1.790.273−11.99−28.22 to 4.120.146
Level of physical activity per day when not social distancingPer 1 min increase1.001.00 to 1.01<0.0010.260.22 to 0.30<0.001
Number of chronic physical conditionsPer one-condition increase0.960.87 to 1.060.427−4.02−8.66 to 0.050.053
Number of chronic psychiatric conditionsPer one-condition increase0.820.67 to 1.000.052−3.70−12.69 to 5.030.414
Any physical symptom experienced during social distancingNoReference
Yes0.310.21 to 0.46<0.00125.53−42.46 to −7.990.004
Number of days of social distancingPer 1-day increase1.030.99 to 1.070.162−0.18−1.28 to 0.930.756
  • Participants were asked how much time in minutes they spend on an average day in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity when self-isolating. The WHO recommendations on physical activity levels per week (ie, at least 150 min of moderate physical activity and/or 75 min of vigorous physical activity in adults aged ≥18 years) were further used to distinguish participants with and those without sufficient physical activity per day (ie, approximately 21 min of moderate physical activity and/or 11 min of vigorous physical activity). Physical activity was also included in the analyses as a continuous variable and corresponded to the number of minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per day.

  • The association between defined factors (ie, sex, age, marital status, employment, annual household income, region, current smoking, current alcohol consumption, level of physical activity per day when not self-isolating, number of chronic physical conditions, number of chronic psychiatric conditions, any physical symptom experienced during social distancing and number of days of social distancing) and physical activity was studied using logistic (dichotomous physical activity variable) and linear regression (continuous physical activity variable) models.

  • All significant associations are reported in bold text.

  • SARS-CoV-2, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.