Table 1

Participation per sport activity within 1 year prior (Pre-KA) and more than 1 year after knee arthroplasty (Post-KA; n=873)

Pre-KAPost-KA±Unit of measure
Total sport activities2.12.7Mean N activities per participant
Low-impact sport activities1.31.6Mean N activities per participant
2.52.9Mean N activities per active participant
Swimming371449+178N participants
Cycling368484+116N participants
Walking271325+54N participants
Golf4546+1N participants
Aqua aerobic2033+13N participants
Fishing1812−6N participants
Gate ball34+1N participants
Croquet21−1N participants
Medium-impact sport activities0.50.7Mean N activities per participant
1.01.3Mean N activities per active participant
Hiking/Nordic walking309476+167N participants
Fitness/aerobics5164+13N participants
Bowling2420−4N participants
Cross-country skiing2327+4N participants
Badminton107−3N participants
Table tennis53−2N participants
Rowing30−3N participants
High-impact sport activities0.40.5Mean N activities per participant
0.80.8Mean N activities per active participant
Skiing/snowboarding131150+19N participants
Dancing91117+26N participants
Running/jogging5346−7N participants
Gymnastics3237+5N participants
Tennis/squash2931+2N participants
Ball sports*124-8N participants
Mountain climbing27+5N participants
Other†3453+19N participants
No participation in any sport activity50%46%% of total participants
Participation in ≥1 sport activities50%54%% of total participants
  • *Ball sports include: soccer, basketball, volleyball and handball.

  • †Other involves undefined sport activities.