Table 1

Overview of postoperative rehabilitation steps

Time pointPostoperative rehabilitation measure
Operation day
  • Rest and elevation

  • Short partial weight-bearing walks with crutches

Day 2
  • Inspection, new bandage and wound care information

  • Compressive sock

Day 2 - week 6
  • Full weight-bearing walking using a shoe with open heel

  • 1 cm heel lift during the first 4–5 days

  • Gradually increased walking distances and tempo

  • Gentle cycling

  • Stretching with straight and bent knee

  • Sutures out after 3 weeks

Week 7 - forward
  • Start to use shoes with soft heel cushion, gradually adapting to wear normal shoes

  • Tape could be used to avoid blisters

  • If there is stiffness at the back of the heel, eccentrics over a step could be used

  • Gradual adaptation to jogging and pre-injury exercises