Table 2

Effect of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine educational booklet (n=51)

StatementBaselinePost-FSEM bookletExact Sig (two-tailed) p value*
%reporting strongly agree
‘Physical Activity is important in preventing disease.’82860.77
‘Physical Activity is important in treating disease.’24430.06
‘Advising patients about Physical Activity is an important part of a doctor’s job.’59571.00
‘I am confident advising patients on Physical Activity.’817<0.01
‘I am confident I know the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) adult Physical Activity guidelines.’223<0.01
‘I feel confident that I could raise the issue of Physical Activity with a patient presenting with an unrelated problem.’4170.03
% correct response MCQ
Current physical activity recommendations72900.03
Weight management98900.21
  • Scale for questions: 1=strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=neither agree nor disagree, 4=agree, 5=strongly agree.

  • *The p value was calculated using McNemar’s test for repeated measures.

  • FSEM, Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine; MCQ, multiple choice questions.