Table 2

Baseline characteristics

Age (years)14.83±0.5814.74±0.6614.88±0.52
Maturity offset (years)1.27±1.092.26±0.590.64±0.83***
APHV (years)13.56±1.0512.48±0.4614.24±0.68***
Body height (cm)166.4±7.7163.1±5.9168.5±8.0***
Δheight (cm)4.95±3.062.70±2.546.39±2.44***
Body weight (kg)56.6±9.255.3±7.557.4±10.2
BMI (kg/m2)20.33±2.3420.78±2.5020.04±2.20
  • All data are expressed as mean±SD. Level of significance based on unpaired sample t-tests and backed-up by bias-corrected accelerated bootstrapping with 10 000 samples: ***p<0.001.

  • APHV, age at peak height velocity; BMI, body mass index; Δheight, growth in body height during the last year.