Table 4

Overuse-related knee complaints of youth female and male competitive alpine skiers

Overuse-related knee complaintsOverall
χ2P value
≥1 clinical complaint51 (47.2)21 (50.0)30 (45.5)0.1120.738
Distal patellar tendon complaint19 (17.6)5 (11.9)14 (21.2)1.2640.261
Proximal patellar tendon complaint20 (18.5)9 (21.4)11 (16.7)0.3140.575
Indistinct overuse complaint18 (16.7)9 (21.4)9 (13.6)0.9350.334
  • Prevalence data are expressed as the number of skiers with specific clinical indications, as well as their percentage proportion (number of subjects affected/total number of subjects per group or subgroup * 100; (%)) in brackets. Level of significance for sex differences are based on Pearson’s χ2 tests. There were no significant results at p<0.05.