Table 2

Data extraction

ReferenceYear of publicationSportParticipants: country of originGenderSubjects: athlete levelRelevant outcome
Bjørneboe et al352010SoccerNorwayMaleFirst team players from one club in Norwegian Professional League.Concussion
Ekstrand et al362011SoccerSweden, Norway, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland and AustriaMale and femaleElite first team players from clubs across countries in Europe.Concussion
Fuller et al302007SoccerUSAMale and femaleAmerican college and university teams on NCAA Injury Surveillance System.Head/neck injury
Fuller et al312010Rugby unionUK and Hong KongMale6 teams from Division One Rugby Hong Kong.
2 teams from English Premiership.
Kordi et al372011SoccerIranMaleNon-professional soccer players – local league in Iran.Head/face/neck injury
Kristenson et al42013SoccerSweden and NorwayMaleProfessional soccer players in 12 premier league teams in Norway and Sweden.Concussion
Meyers and Barnhill332004American footballUSAMale8 USA high school football teams.Concussion
Meyers et al272010American footballUSAMale24 American university teams.Concussion
Meyers et al282013SoccerUSAFemale13 USA university teams from Division 1A.Concussion
Meyers et al292016SoccerUSAMale11 USA university Division 1A
soccer teams.
Ranson et al322018Rugby unionUKMale2 UK professional rugby teams.Head injury
Soligard et al382012SoccerNorwayMale and femaleYouth soccer teams
ages 13–19 years.
Head injury