Table 3

EMG methodological quality evaluation

Article reference
DomainDe Mey et al53Hardwick et al54Kaur et al55Kibler et al56Maenhout et al57Maenhout et al58Nagai et al59Nakamura et al52Smith et al60Tsuruike and Ellenbecker61Uhl et al62Yamauchi et al63
EMG detection of signal4.003.504.003.754.754.754.804.753.753.753.754.50
Processing signals1.
Evaluation of EMG levels/patterns2.
Evaluation of EMG timingN/AN/AN/A1.0N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Total scores10.007.5010.009.7510.7510.759.810.757.758.757.7510.50
% Quality scores83%62%83%75%90%90%82%90%64%73%64%88%
  • Shades of grey for visual between-study comparison only: Embedded Image, ≤70%; Embedded Image, ≥70%–79%; Embedded Image, ≥80%.

  • EMG, electromyography; N/A, not assessed.