Table 1

PICOS abstract and subject heading search phrases

PICOS abstract and subject heading search phrases
Population: anatomical region(shoulder) OR (Glenohum*) OR (scapula) OR (shoulder girdle) OR (shoulder function) OR (shoulder joint)
Intervention(exercise*) OR (rehabil*) OR (kinetic chain) OR (resistance train*) OR (strength*) OR (muscle train*) OR (lower limb train*) OR (core stab*) OR (trunk exercises) OR (trunk rotation) OR (gym) OR (Physio*) OR (physical therapy) OR (kinetic link-model) OR (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) OR (PNF) OR (non-operative) OR (conservative) OR (kinesiotherapy)
Comparison(no treat*) OR (placebo) OR (global rehab*) OR (local rehab*) OR (other intervention) OR (conventional rehab*)
Outcome(EMG) OR (EMG activity) OR (ROM) OR (range of motion) OR (neuromuscular control) OR (control) OR (proprioception) OR (strength) OR (muscular endurance) OR (co-contraction) OR (performance) OR (function) OR (ADLS) OR (injury recurrence) OR (injury risk)
Study designStudies considered level three and above on the OCEBM33 were eligible for inclusion.
  • ADLS, activities of daily living; EMG, electromyography; OCEBM, Oxford Centre for Evidence-based Medicine; PICOS, participants, interventions, comparisons, outcomes and study design; PNF, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation; ROM, range of motion.