Table 5

Tackle numbers and rates in rugby sevens (all levels of play).

StudyCohortRate definitionTackle rate
Suarez-Arrones et al177Professional Spanish League teamTackles (tackling and tackled)/gameForwards: 7.4±1.8 (first half: 3.3±1.3, second half: 4.1±1.8)
Backs: 4.1±2.4 (first half: 2.3±1.8, second half: 1.9±1.4)
Ross et al178New Zealand provincial rugby sevens championship teamsTackling/minute0.19±0.13
Ross et al178International Sevens World Series teamTackling/minute0.2±0.15
Ross et al179International Sevens World Series teama) Tackling/gameForwards: 2.68±2.59,a 1.59±2.24b
b) Tackled/gameBacks: 2.41±2.52,a 1.79±2.85b
  • a, tackling/game; b, tackled/game.