Table 2

Coach awareness of injury prevention pre-workshop and post-workshop

% (n)
% (n)
Are camogie injuries preventable? (n=94)83.0% (78)17.0% (16)
Have you heard of any injury prevention programme? (n=96)21.9% (21)78.1% (75)
Have you heard of the CIPP? (n=97)13.4% (13)86.6% (84)
Does your team currently employ an injury prevention programme? (n=95)14.7% (14)85.3% (81)
Does an injury prevention programme need to be introduced in your team? (n=83)91.6% (76)8.4%
Are you aware of the online resources for the CIPP? (n=95)16.8% (16)83.2% (79)
Would you use the online resources to further educate yourself? (n=95)95.8% (91)4.2%
% (n)
% (n)
Were you confident instructing the exercises following the workshop? (n=87)88.5% (77)11.5% (10)
Was one workshop enough? (n=94)73.4% (69)26.6% (25)
Would implementing the workshop in phases make it easier to implement the CIPP? (n=96)90.6% (87)9.4%
Did the workshop increase your motivation to implement the CIPP? (n=96)99.0% (95)1.0%
  • CIPP, Camogie Injury Prevention Programme.