Table 5

Demographic and PCS characteristics of the collision sports comparison group

Bicycling group (n=28)Collision sports group (n=86)Test statistic
Mean age (range) ±SD42.9 (22–71)±12.925.3 (18–58)±8.5P=0.00001*
Sex (%)13 (46.4) Males66 (76.7) MalesP=0.025†
LOC (%)10 (35.7)6 (6.9)RR=5.1‡ p=0.0005
Amnesia (%)13 (46.4)16 (18.6)RR=2.4‡ p=0.002
Mean duration of PCS (range)23.7 months (3–85)16.1 months (3–150)P=0.07*
Mean no of persistent symptoms (range)8 (2–21)6 (1–16)P=0.19*
  • *Independent sample’s t-test.

  • †X2 analysis.

  • ‡RR ratio.

  • LOC, loss of consciousness; PCS, postconcussion syndrome; RR, relative risk.