Table 2

Comparisons of pre-exercise and post-exercise α1-AGP excretion between groups at sea level and twice at altitude

PlaceboP value (Z-score)LosartanP value (Z-score)
Baseline α1-AGP excretion
 Pre-exercise3.5±4.40.038 (−2.07)1.4±2.80.028 (−2.20)
 ΔPre-0 min to post-60 min8.4±16.313.8±22.5
 Post-60 min13.7±13.813.5±33.3
 Post-120 min1.8±1.20.008 (−2.67)*1.6±2.70.013 (−2.50)*
 Post-180 min1.5±2.20.008 (−2.67)*1.2±1.70.017 (−2.38)
PlaceboP value (Z-score)LosartanP value (Z-score)Placebo +acetazolamideP value (Z-score)
Altitude α1-AGP excretion
 Pre-exercise3.1±5.30.022 (−2.29)2.4±3.40.009 (−2.60)*4.4±5.70.16 (−1.4)
 ΔPre- to post-60 min7.9±14.34.8±9.91.2±11.03†0.16 (−1.4)
 Post-60 min11.5±19.28.2±5.97.7±12.1
 Post-120 min3.2±2.40.007 (−2.70)*2.8±4.40.012 (−2.52)*3.4±5.0
 Post-180 min1.3±4.30.011 (−2.55)*1.5±1.50.018 (−2.4)2.7±4.20.025 (−2.24)
  • Urinary α1-AGP excretion rates (μg/min) are presented as median ±IQR before (pre-exercise, 0 min) and after (post-60, post-120 and post180 min) exercise initiation. Results are presented for placebo versus losartan (baseline), placebo versus losartan (first altitude exercise) and pre-acetazolamide versus acetazolamide (first compared with second altitude exercise).

  • *Represents the significance of post-60 min α1-AGP excretion (p≤ 0.0125) compared with excretion at other time points.

  • †Represents the significant (p≤0.05) difference between groups (ie, placebo vs losartan or placebo vs placebo +acetazolamide) at the respective time point. Z-scores are presented in parenthesis where appropriate.

  • α1-AGP, alpha-1 acid glycoprotein.