Table 1

Maximal exercise test results compared between groups at baseline and twice at altitude

PlaceboLosartanP value
Sea-level exercise
 HRmax (bpm)171.7±16.5173.7±22.90.82
 Absolute Wattmax (W)243±66238±700.89
 Relative Wattmax (W)3.3±0.53.1±0.50.41
PlaceboLosartanP valuePlacebo +acetazolamideP value
Altitude exercise
  HR (bpm)80±1276±150.5078±140.10
  SBP (mm Hg)162±28159±220.82149±220.17
  DBP (mm Hg)79±676±120.2276±80.61
  SpO2 (%)76±778±50.4084±4<0.01*
Maximal exercise
  HRmax (bpm)152±24143±350.78147±210.63
  SBP at Wattmax (mm Hg)229±47221±500.81232±470.43
  ΔSBP (mm Hg)70±3166±420.8082±460.26
  DBP at Wattmax (mm Hg)87±1385±190.8196±150.08
  ΔDBP (mm Hg)8±109±110.9319±140.04 *
  SpO2 at Wattmax (%)70±571±70.8977±4<0.01*
  Wattmax (W)155±52138±550.53149±460.71
  • Values are presented as mean±SD. Change (Δ) SBP and ΔDBP represent the differences between pre-exercise and Wattmax measurements.

  • *Represents a significant (p≤0.05) difference between placebo and placebo +acetazolamide altitude exercise tests (n=9; within-individual comparisons).

  • DBP, diastolic blood pressure; HR, heart rate (bpm); HRmax, maximal heart rate; SBP, systolic blood pressure (mm Hg); SpO2, oxygen saturation pulse oximetry (%); Wattmax, wattage at volitional fatigue (presented in absolute, W, and relative, W/kg, units.