Table 3

Injury nature for studies reporting medical-attention injury in community cricket (ED presentations unless otherwise noted)

First author, year (reference)No of injuriesAge rangeConcussion/closed head intracranial injury or seizureSuperficial injuryEye injuryFractureAvulsion
Injury to muscle and tendon or rupture/tearInternal organ injuryOpen wound/lacerationSoft tissueSprainStrainBruisingOveruseInflammation*Abrasion/friction burnOther/NR
Perera, 201922HA: 1215–45+ years5.0%47.1%6.6%18.2%†23.1%
ED: 5475–45+ years1.6%14.6%2.9%17.2%6.9%8.4%36.4%†11.9%
King, 2018173087**0–85+ years1.7%30.9%1.9%64.1%-0.5%0.9%
Walker, 201019HA: 4982–80 years5.0%‡43.8%6.2%3.6%2.4%15.2%5.4%18.1%
Upadhyay, 200018609–13 years13.3%43.3%13.3%30.1%
Finch, 1998202345<15 years17.8%17.8%12.4%§30.2%2.9%11.4%
3846≥15 years20.7%11.2%26.0%§19.6%1.2%11.5%
Forward, 1988216519–34 years1.5%9.2%33.8%¶10.8%6.2%15.4%6.2%6.2%10.7%
  • *Includes pain and swelling.

  • †Dislocation, sprain and strain were combined.

  • ‡Includes 2.2% seizures.

  • §Sprain and strain combined.

  • ¶Includes bruised ribs as three cases were classifiedas bruised or fractured.

  • **Insurance claims.

  • ED, emergency department presentations; HA, hospital admission; NR, not reported.