Table 4

Percentage of body regions for medical-attention injuries in community cricket

First author, year (reference)No of injuriesHead/face/neckUpper limbTrunk/backLower limbUnspecified
Perera, 201922
King, 2018173087*7.435.22.345.59.6
Walker, 20101949822.935.72.831.37.3
Upadhyay, 2000186026.730.013.3NR30.0
Finch, 199820
  Ages <15 years234544.
  Ages ≥15 years384616.632.64.222.811.5
Forward, 1988216521.546.24.627.70.0
  • *Number of claims (there were no ‘multiple locations’ injuries reported).

  • ED, emergency department presentations; HA, hospital admissions; NR, not reported.