Table 1

Structure of the MOOC on concussion

Module 1IntroductionConcussion and the spectrum of traumatic brain injuries
Module 2PreventionAn environment that will minimise the incidence of concussions
Module 3DetectionAn environment that will optimise the early identification of possible concussions
Module 4ManagementOptimised early management of concussed athletes in all spheres of their life
Module 5Access to careTimely access to proper expertise and tools that can guide the gradual return to normal activities and minimise the chances of persistent consequences of concussions
Module 6Review and disseminationA periodic process for protocol review and a communication/education strategy that will keep all stakeholders involved and informed
  • For more details on the topics addressed by each module, see the detailed course description in the online supplementary file 2.

  • MOOC, massive open online course.