Table 5

Quartiles of MET-hours per week from the PAFID (n=5902)

Quartiles1 (n=1355)2 (n=1498)3 (n=1473)4 (n=1576)
Range MET-hours∙week-10.00–2.502.81–9.0011.25–11.2515.00–45.00
VM CPM*†448.3±4.4508.9.5±4.3557.4±4.3610.5±4.6
Steps per day*†5207.8±62.16342.9±63.47441.3±69.98559.4±78.2
Light physical activity (min·day-1)*†386.4±2.6406.2±2.3407.9±2.3404.9±2.0
MVPA (min·day-1)*†25.9±0.735.2±0.744.6±0.755.8±0.8
Bouted MVPA (min·day-1)*†3.9±0.29.4±0.315.2±0.423.7±0.5
  • Data are shown as mean±SEM.

  • *Significant difference between quartiles: p<0.001.

  • †Significant trend by increasing quartile: p<0.001.

  • Bouted MVPA, moderate and vigorous physical activity in ≥10 min bouts; MET, metabolic equivalent of tasks; MVPA, moderate and vigorous physical activity; PAFID, Physical Activity Frequency, Intensity and Duration; VM CPM, vector magnitude counts per minute.