Table 2

Physical activity frequency, intensity and duration (PAFID) questionnaire. Number, MET-values and minutes in parentheses in answering alternatives represents the values for the calculation of MET-hours per week

Frequency (days)Intensity (METs)Duration (minutes)
How frequently do you exercise? With exercise, we mean walking, cross-country skiing, swimming or other exercise/sports.On average, how hard is the exercise?On average, how long do you exercise?
Never (0)I take it easy without breaking into a sweat or losing my breath (3 METs)<15 min (10 min)
Less than once a week (0.5)I push myself so hard that I break into a sweat and lose my breath (6 METs)15–29 min (22.5 min)
Once a week (1)I push myself to near-exhaustion (9 METs)30–60 min (45 min)
Two to three times per week (2.5)N/A>60 min (60 min)
Almost every day (5)N/AN/A
  • METs, metabolic equivalents of tasks.