Table 4

The combined leisure time and occupational time SGPALS, and the associations with the accelerometry estimates

n=4040Inactive (n=349)Moderately inactive
Moderately active
VM CPM*†410.2±7.8527.9±4.1571.3±6.2618.4±4.6
Steps per day*†4900.5±107.87177.0±71.17487.2±103.78291.9±73.6
Light physical activity (min·day-1)*†360.9±4.8391.6±2.2432.0±3.4425.9±2.2
MVPA (min·day-1)*†23.8±1.142.3±0.743.0±1.153.8±0.8
Bouted MVPA (min·day-1)*†4.3±0.414.1±0.412.5±0.617.6±0.5
  • Data are shown as mean±SEM.

  • *Significant difference between ranks: p<0.001.

  • †Significant linear trend by increasing rank: p<0.001.

  • MVPA, moderate and vigorous physical activity; SGPALS, Saltin-Grimby Physical Activity Level Scale; VM CPM, vector magnitude counts per minute.