Table 1

General characteristics of the 41 patients with asthma or possible asthma who had a mannitol challenge test as part of their assessment of fitness for recreational scuba diving

CharacteristicsTotal (N=41)
Male*58 (24)
Age (years)33±14
Body mass index24.1±3.1
Smoking habits†
 Smokers*17 (7)
 Pack-years12±6 (6)
 Never smokers*61 (25)
Prior asthma diagnosis*78 (32)
Rhinitis*41 (17)
Predisposition to asthma*46 (19)
Predisposition to allergy*41 (17)
  • The results are given in mean±SD and number of patients.

  • *Percentages and number of patients.

  • †Includes data from 38 of 41 patients.