Table 1

CK activity after WB-EMS

AuthorSubjectsCK activity
1Professional male soccer players (n=22)Pre-WB-EMS 530.30±230.00 IU/L,
24 hours post-WB-EMS 1,199.89±569.69 IU/L
2Heart failure patients (f=4, m=11)24 hours after WB-EMS a mean increase in 250 IU, maximum 2779 IU/L
8Advanced solid tumour patients (f=3, m=11)Mean 2.9-fold increase from baseline to 8 weeks of WB-EMS (p=0.002)
16Healthy subjects (f=2, m=24)Increase peaking at 96 hours post-exercise (mean 28 545 IU/L)
  • CK, creatine kinase; f, females; m, males; n, Number of subjects; WB-EMS, whole-body electro-myo-stimulation.