Table 1

Sample characteristics

Athletes (n=34)Controls (n=34)P value
Age, mean (SD)33.1 (3.9)31.5 (3.5)0.07
BMI prepregnancy, mean (SD)21.6 (1.7)22.4 (1.7)0.05*
Higher education, n (%)28 (82)29 (85)1.00
Married, n (%)18 (53)14 (41)0.47
Cohabitant, n (%)16 (47)18 (53)0.81
Performance levelGoldSilverBronzeTotal
Olympic Games264636
World Championships53261594
Eur. Championships/
Champions league
World Cup victories115115
National Champions104
Total number of medals in international competitions292
  • Data presented as number (percentages) or mean (SD). Performance level is presented as number of medals for the athletic group.

  • *Significant difference between groups with p≤0.05.