Table 2

Self-reported concerns and outcomes related to pregnancy and delivery

Athletes (n=28)Controls (n=29)P value
In vitro fertilisation, n (%)*2 (6)
Miscarriage, n (%)†3 (11)8 (28)0.18
Preterm birth, n (%)2 (7)1 (3)
Caesarean, n (%)1 (4)2 (7)
Birth weight baby (g), mean (SD)3607.1 (544.7)3587.3 (610.1)0.90
Apgar score (5 min), mean (SD)9.0 (0.7)9.0 (0.7)0.72
  • Data presented as number (percentages) or mean (SD). Multiparous athletes (n=6), multiparous controls (n=4) and one control with missing value on parity are excluded from the analyses.

  • *A total of 34 athletes included. One insemination, one insemination with donor.

  • †Spontaneous abortion or pregnancy loss during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Three controls had two miscarriages each.