Table 3

Errors (error rates) of ASP_METs during the activities in Elderly and Younger

(60–80 years)
(20–59 years)
Filing of documents in a sitting position−0.1±0.20.0±0.2
Filing of documents in a standing position0.0±0.30.1±0.4
Wiping down−0.5±0.4−0.2±0.5**
Dish washing−0.6±0.3−0.4±0.3**
Hanging and taking in the laundry−0.5±0.3−0.3±0.4**
Radio callisthenics−1.0±0.5−0.5±0.4***
Normal walking−0.8±0.70.2±0.6***
Slow walking−0.7±0.60.2±0.5
Fast walking−1.0±0.8−0.1±0.8
  • Mean±SD, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.

  • Slow walking and fast walking were excluded from statistical analyses because the walking speed differed between the groups.

  • Slow walking (Younger: 55 m/min, Elderly: 50 m/min), normal walking (both groups: 70 m/min) and fast walking (Younger: 100 m/min, Elderly: 90 m/min).

  • ASP_METs, METs predicted by Active style Pro HJA-750C.