Table 4

Questions 4–8 targeting SEM knowledge and preferences of the students. Several answers were allowed for questions 5 and 6, while only one answer was allowed for questions 4, 7 and 8

Answer choicesRespondents numbers%
Question 4: Do you know what sports and exercise medicine is?
1-not at all482.7
Mean value: 3.29
Question 5: Between the following five propositions which describe(s) the job of a sports and exercise physician?
Medical care of athletes (amateur and elite)162892.3
Prevention of certain chronic diseases118667.2
Management of sports-related health issues (illness and injury)161291.4
Treatment of certain chronic diseases88750.3
Improvement of fitness and quality of life of both healthy and ill subjects139779.2
Question 6: Would you like sports and exercise medicine to be part of your undergraduate curriculum?
Yes, as a part of the mandatory curriculum94853.7
Yes, as an optional course95354.0
No, I would not864.9
Question 7: If yes, how many hours a week would you like to have?
1 hour a week for a whole semester94657.3
2 hours a week for a whole semester58135.2
4 hours a week for a whole semester1237.5
Question 8: How motivated would you then be to follow this teaching?
1-not motivated at all271.5
5-very motivated63436.0
Mean value: 4.05
  • SEM, Sports and exercise medicine.