Table 3

AED use in emergency scenarios and practical issues with the AED

Statement*Yes, I would call for the AEDUncertain, I’m not sure if the AED would be neededNo, I would not call for the AED
In what situation would you consider the possibility to initiate use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)?
1. A participant falls to the floor suddenly with no competitors nearby.10356.67239.673.9
2. A participant falls to the ground and is making shaking movements.4625.37943.45731.3
3. You find a participant on the floor of the changing room, with occasional breaths but you are unable to find a pulse.15786.31910.463.3
4. You find the coach sitting on the bench, unresponsive.12468.14524.7137.1
5. A participant takes a knock to the chest from another player/equipment and they fall to the floor, holding their chest and screaming in pain.3016.55630.89652.8
You have been appointed your club's health and safety officer. What is true about your AED?
1. The pads have a use by date but the battery lasts for a minimum of 20 years.3820.93820.910658.2
2. Once used, the pads can be cleaned with soapy water and then put back with the AED machine for next time.137.13016.513976.4
3. The location of the AED should be known only to trained club members.189.931.716188.5
4. Some minimal training in CPR and defibrillation is necessary before a person is allowed to use the AED.5228.6158.211563.2
5. No training is necessary to use the AED in an emergency scenario.10557.72513.75228.6
  • *Shaded cells show the preferred response choice for each scenario.

  • CPR, cardiopulmonary resuscitation.