Table 2

Characteristics of study completers compared with dropouts

Completed preassessment and postassessment (n=18)Completed baseline only* (n=8)Comparison
Mean±SD (range)
 Current age (years)30.2±15.6 (16–62)23.6±4.0 (18–31)t=−1.7, df=21.3, p=0.11
 Attendance (% sessions attended)60.3±25.3 (8.3–91.2)30.9±25.8 (8.3–83.3)t=−2.5, df=22, p=0.02*
 Baseline BDI27.6 (±13.8; 6–60)22.1 (±12.3; 0–49)t=−1.0, df=24, p=0.3
 Age at onset of mood disorder (years)23.4±14.2 (13–61)15.5±2.5 (12–18)t=−2.5, df=19.8, p=0.02*
 Duration of illness (years)6.8±6.3 (0–19)9.8±4.8 (4–15)t=1.1, df=22, p=0.3
Proportion, n (%)
 Female participants16 (89)6 (75.0)χ2=0.8, df=1, p=0.4
 Baseline diagnosis of MDD14 (77.8)3 (37.5)χ2=4.0, df=1, p=0.05
 Baseline diagnosis of BD3 (16.7)5 (62.5)χ2=5.5, df=1, p=0.01
  • *Participants did not necessarily drop out of the running group, but did not complete the end-of-study assessments.

  • BD, bipolar disorder; BDI, Beck Depression Inventory; MDD, major depressive disorder.