Table 3

Running group participants who consented to be in the study compared to those who declined

Participants (n=26)Non-participants (n=16)Participants compared with non-participants
Mean±SD (range)
 Current age (years)27.9±13.7 (16–62)32.4±15.5 (17–62)t=0.9, df=38, p=0.4
 Baseline BDI25.8±13.2 (6–60)30.0±13.3 (2–48)t=1.01, df=40, p=0.3
 Comorbid diagnoses1.2±1.0 (0–3)0.9±1.1 (0–3)t=−0.9, df=47, p=0.4
Per cent of participants
 Female85.262.5χ2=2.9, df=1, p=0.10
 Diagnosis of MDD65.473.9χ2=0.4, df=1, p=0.5
 Diagnosis of BD30.826.1χ2=0.13, df=1, p=0.7
  • BD, bipolar disorder; BDI, Beck Depression Inventory; MDD, major depressive disorder.