Table 4

Health-related quality of life

SF-36 subscalePreintervention, mean (±SD)Postintervention, mean (±SD)Paired t-test
Physical fitness78.0 (±20.4)84.3 (±16.7)t=−1.3, df=17, p=0.2
Role of physical51.3 (±34.0)62.5 (±38.5)t=−1.2, df=17, p=0.2
Bodily pain69.6 (±25.8)70.5 (±22.2)t=−0.2, df=17, p=0.9
General health52.5 (±17.5)61.3 (±13.5)t=-3,0, df=17, p=0.007
Vitality26.8 (±14.6)41.5 (±20.0)t=−2.9, df=17, p=0.01
Social functioning46.3 (±25.4)64.4 (±27.3)t=−3.1, df=17, p=0.007
Role of emotions11.7 (±19.6)41.7 (±41.7)t=−2.9, df=17, p=0.009
Mental health44.0 (±17.7)55.4 (±19.1)t=−3.0, df=17, p=0.007
  • Significant results are shown in bold text.

  • SF-36, 36-Item Short Form Survey.