Table 1

Descriptive data (reported as mean±SD, or percentage) and prevalence of symptoms of CMDs among soccer players in fourth to seventh league

VariablesMean or N (%)SD
Age (years)22.88±4.02
Height (cm)181.29±5.69
Weight (kg)76.45±7.04
Fourth leagueN=57 (17.4%)
Fifth leagueN=109 (33.2%)
Sixth leagueN=125 (38.1%)
Seventh leagueN=37 (11.3%)
Field position (n=325)
 GoalkeeperN=36 (11.1%)
 DefenderN=149 (45.8%)
 Mid-fieldernN=103 (31.7%)
 ForwardN=37 (11.4%)
Injuries before the season
 General injuries in the last 3 months before the season (n=326)N=117 (Yes: 35%)
 Knee injuries in the last 5 years before the season (n=322)N=100 (Yes: 31%)
 Anterior cruciate ligament injury (n=322)N=33 (10.2%)
 Posterior cruciate ligament injury (n=322)N=3 (0.9%)
Injuries during the season (n=366)
Prevalence of psychological symptoms
N=156 (42.6%)
 Indices of a depression (critical value ≥23) (n=385)nN=38 (9.8%)
 Indices of an anxiety disorder (critical value ≥45) (n=379)N=73 (19.2%)
  • CMD, common mental disorder.