Table 1

Descriptive characteristics of cyclists

N=45Mean±SDRange: minimum–maximum
Age (years)36.2±14.318.5 to 72.0
Height (m)1.80±0.061.70 to 1.91
Weight (kg)73.2±6.662.1 to 91.2
Body mass index (kg/m2)22.5±1.518.0 to 25.4
Training load: average hours on bike/week11.2±4.05.0 to 20.0
60 minute FTP (watts)327±48195 to 410
FTP/kg (watts/kg)4.5±0.62.8 to 5.5
Race results (equivalent BC points)194±2390.0 to 953
Number of injuries0.4±0.70.0 to 3.0
Number of days of illness1.4±2.50.0 to 10.0
  • BC, British Cycling; FTP, functional threshold power.