Table 1

Characteristics of male athletes with (n=15) or without (n=43) long-standing groin pain

Soccer (n=22)Ice-hockey (n=23)Bandy (n=13)P value*
Pain groupControlsPain groupControlsPain groupControls
Number of athletes616716*110.6011
Age (years, median ±SD)23±5.122±2.227±7.425±6.531±0.728±3.20.0033
BMI (kg/cm2, median ±SD)23±1.123±1.426±1.725±2.025±1.823±0.80.0116
Symptoms (months, median ±SD)4.0±1.43.1±1.03.5±1.60.4495
Pain scores (0–100, median ±SD)5.3±2.20.8±0.95.7±0.91.1±0.96.5±0.70.1±0.10.6502
Right/left/bilateral pain*2/4/02/4/12/0/00.4324
Length of training season (months)6440.82
Length of competing season (months)6880.8894
Training per week (hours)10–1512–158–120.6855
Number of games/year:4070350.0017
  • *P values are distributed between different sports.

  • BMI, body mass index; VAS, visual analoque score.