Table 3

Abnormal MRI findings in male athletes with (n=15) or without (n=43) long-standing groin pain in different sports.

Pain/controlPain group*Controls†Pain group*Controls†Pain group*Controls†
Adductor tendinopathy9/4325210
Fat infiltration at pubis9/4424111
Secondary cleft sign8/5423310
Sclerosis/cysts/ erosion at the PS13/9547510
Disc herniation11/16524420
Rectus tendinopathy1/2001200
Iliopsoas pathology2/0101000
Other muscle pathology3/2101210
Hip pathology2/1101100
  • *Pain group means athletes with long-standing groin pain.

  • †Control group means athletes without long-standing groin pain.

  • PS, pubic symphysis.