Table 4

Multivariate analysis of variables which predict recurrent instability

Regression coefficientSEP valueOR95% CI
Bony Bankart*1.7980.7460.0166.0401.40 to 26.062
Ages16–25 versus other†1.0620.4820.0282.8921.124 to 7.439
 Dominant affected*0.8010.4540.0772.2270.916 to 5.418
Immobilised†−1.2700.5710.0260.2810.092 to 0.859
SPADI-Total†0.0330.0150.0311.0341.003 to 1.066
TSK-11†0.1330.0710.0611.1420.994 to 1.313
  • *Significance at p≥0.05.

  • †Significance at p≥0.10.

  • SPADI, Shoulder Pain and Disability Index;TSK-11, Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia.