Table 1

Variables obtained from initial contact with participants

DemographicClinicalSportSecondary variables
AgeRadiographLevel of sportQuality of life (WOSI)
GenderBony BankartPosition played sportPain and function (SPADI)
Patient’s estimated heightGreater tuberosity fractureHours per weekFear of reinjury (TSK-11)
Patient’s estimated weightHill-SachsTime to return to sportShoulder Activity Scale (SAS)
Hand dominanceUS—rotator cuff tearType of sport (collision vs overhead)
Side affectedUS—bursitis
Family history
Period of immobilisation
Physiotherapy sessions
  • SPADI, Shoulder Pain and Disability Index; TSK-11, Tampa Scale of Kinesiophobia; US, ultrasonography; WOSI, Western Ontario Stability Index.